Friday, 29 May 2020

me good SpiderMan and Mephisto

Then was a man call Spider-Man and he help people and he like to hide his identity so no
see hem and Spider-Man  and  iron man are friend and than kep new york seva and the 
iron man like to help people and than a bad guy call  is a guy that Take world and SpiderMan
cant take hem down it too hard to take them down will Iron Man come idk but  SpiderMan got
a good chance of trying to take him down but Mephisto is the kill of world but SpiderMan not
going to win SpiderMan die the end


  1. Good morning George, I'm Miss Park. I like it haha. This Spider-Man sounds like a nice guy when he likes helping peeople. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.

  2. Good morning George, I am Miss Blyth. I enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of all the Spider-Man , Iron man and Avengers movies I have seen. Who is your favourite superhero ? My favourite is Iron Man. Thank you for this entry it took me down memory lane.