Thursday, 20 February 2020

my woek the dolphins :)

The Dolphins

Why did Ben prefer swimming in a pool because he a scary he going  to fly 

Were there lots of cars on the road to the beach? How do you know  because it was full

How did Jason feel at the end of page 4? “Jason said nothing.” said nothing 

What were the rules when swimming in the water two ropes trailing 

How was Jason feeling on page 10? How do you know? Made a face 

Compare - Characters
How did Jason feel at the start of the book?
He what to get to ben place 
How did Jason feel at the end of the book?
He was excellent
What happened to change the way Jason felt?
His breath the dolphin had come so close 

On page 4 the author described the journey in the car.
What 4 sentences did the author use to let you know what the trip was like?
  1. It was hot and suff was sticky under his legs 
3.the car was slowly 
4.traffic made jason fell sick

Character Prediction
Do you think that Jason would like to learn to dive?
Why or why not?
but f he can dive he can go to the ben home


  1. Did you enjoy your the story about the Dolphins good work George keep it up.

  2. Hi George my name is Raidon Reich I go to Pompallier Catholic, I am so amazed on the work im seeing keep up the good work and stay safe.